I recently attended a workshop about how to write program for sensors, which is very interesting. There are all different kinds of sensors, such as temperature sensor, humidity sensor and PM2.5 sensor etc. You can do a lot funny things with all these sensors.

Some Fun In Hardware With Software - picture1

In order to program for these hardwares, you need a breadboard, CPU chip, power chip and whatever sensor you would like to play with. What I am doing after workshop is trying to use bluetooth in breadboard to send out the data from the sensors to the Android phone, Android phone sends out data to database and making a website to manage all data. The finished board is kind of complicated, but it's really interesting.

Basically my whole project consists of three parts. The key points for each part are:

I almost finished the part of Breadboard and Android phone, I am working on Webpage hanbingyan.net/projects/data management site