I really like anime. When I saw other people's self-made anime show which is gathering different fragments of anime together and accompanying with self-favorite music and subtitles, I really feel like I want to do this. Then I found the biggest surprise of Mac. One of its video apps named iMovie really impressed me and makes everything so easy and entertaining.

After I finished my video, I found the song I used is a Japanese song. Although I can generally understand, it's meaningless if others who see my video don't get it. In this case, I found a free app which can help me edit stylish pretty subtitles named Aegisub.

Aegisub can only help you make a subtitle file which is separated from the video, so you need to embed your subtitle to your video. I used XviD4PSP for burning the subtitles to my video.

This is the video I made and uploaded to Youtube: www.youtube/xUvjtHbZAYg

In summary, you need three essential apps for making videos.


The steps to use it:

Simple video for you to start iMovie:


The steps to create the subtitles for any show:

Useful Shortcut Keys:

* S: Play the part from the start line to the end line.
* A: Move back the whole audio.
* D: Play the part close to the end line.
* F: Move forward the whole audio.
* G: Set this interval for this sentence.


It's super easy to burn your subtitles to the videos. Open XviD4PSP, choose Open to open the video, choose Add to add subtitle files, pick the format of output and hit the Encode.

Some useful videos to share with you

iMovie Tutorial for Beginners

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